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How DataExtern sets you on rock solid career?

Data extern

Acquire the most sought after skills

Master foundations of data science and choose your focus area: advanced machine learning, natural language processing, or deep learning.

Work with the professionals NOT with students

Complete 14 real-life projects, including two industry-worthy capstone projects to showcase your skills to employers.

Get into Data Science Job

Make yourself hireable with personalized career coaching and 1:1 mentorship from industry experts

Curriculum - what you’ll learn


All-in-One Javascript Development Suite

  • Fundamentals Of JavaScript
  • JavaScript for Beginning Web Developers
  • JavaScript for Absolute Beginners
  • Fundamentals of jQuery
  • Fundamentals of Ajax Development
  • Create a node.js Real Time Chat Application
  • Advanced JavaScript


All-In-One HTML/HTML5 And CSS/CSS3 Suite

  • All-In-One HTML/HTML5 And CSS/CSS3 Suite
  • Applying Designs to WireFrames with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Build Your Own HTML5 Video Player
  • Building Responsive Websites with HTML5 and CSS3
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Site Design
  • HTML5 Mobile Game Development by Example – Educational Game
  • HTML5 Mobile Game Development by Example -Veggies vs Zombies
  • Make HTML5 Games with No Coding Required
  • Understanding HTML5 Input Types
  • Website Wireframing with HTML5 and CSS3


Node.Js Training

  • Introduction and Foundation
  • Node Projects
  • Working with shrink-wrap to lock the node modules versions
  • Working with asynchronous programming
  • Building a HTTP Server with Node.JS using HTTP APIs
  • File System
  • Buffers, Streams, and Events
  • Multi-Processing in NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • Express JS with MongoDB and Sqlite
  • io, The Front-end, and A Chat App
  • Introduction to Task Managers with unit testing


Angular Training

    • What is a SPA? What is Angular?
    • Preparing for TypeScript
    • Angular-4 new features
    • Building with A4 Components
    • Bootstrap Scaffolding
    • Angular 4 Binding and Events
    • Dependency Injection and services
    • Directives
    • Pipes
    • Forms
    • HTTP, Promises, and Observables
    • Testing


MongoDB Developer and Administrator

  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to NoSQL databases
  • MongoDB A Database for the Modern Web
  • CRUD Operations in MongoDB
  • Indexing and Aggregation
  • Replication and Sharding
  • Developing Java and Node JS Application with MongoDB
  • Administration of MongoDB Cluster Operations


Docker Compose in Depth

  • Introduction
  • Compose Basics
  • Networks
  • Volumes
  • Logging
  • The Compose CLI
  • Composing Compose
  • Compose in Production



    • Welcome to Starting with React
    • React Components
    • React State and Props
    • React Event Handling
    • Routing in React React flux
    • Styling React
    • Course Conclusion



  • Installing Linux
  • Getting To Know The Command Line
  • It’s All About The Files
  • Working With Command Line
  • More Advanced Command Line And Concepts



  • Rational Databases
  • SQL Querying
  • Your First Queries
  • Filtering Your Results
  • Consolidating Your Data
  • Grouping Your Data
  • Joining Tables
  • Subqueries
  • Manipulating Your Data
  • Transaction Control
  • Creating Database Objects And Adding Business Logic

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Rs. 5,82,000

(Incl. taxes)

The Admission Process

Simple steps, you can start your journey towards a Full stack Engineer Career track...

Fill out our application form to get started, there is no application fee, it takes about 4-5 minutes. You can expect a reply within 2-3 business days.

1. Submit Your Application

You Will be invited to face to face interview / discussion with the admin panel. The discussion is to evaluate you basic math and problem-solving skills.

2. Face to Face interview

Congrats! If you are selected by the admission committee you stand in the top 16% of the applicants. Complete the admission documentation and pay Rs. 75,000 to reserve the slot. Balance payable on joining.

3. Admission Documentation

Collect your offer letter for permanent employment from our client.

4. Collect the offer letter

Receive the salary from the 61st day of joining the program.

5. Receive salary

Frequently Asked Questions

This is work-integrated program consisting of two parts. The first part deals with skillset/toolset/mindset to be a professional. The second part is being deputed in customer projects working on cutting edge data projects with our partner organizations who are leading in the data industry.

No. You will have access to the online library. We don’t provide hard copies.

Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Visualization across various domains of application in modern infrastructure (say cloud). Specialization could be in several domains including but not limited to logistics, healthcare, IoT, finance and so on. We build competencies in several cutting edge tools, languages and methodologies using which one can provide solutions to many problem domains

Apart from initial brief period of your learning curve, you will not work in academic projects. You will work in real projects where your product/features are used by end users and you will push your code to production every fortnight or working on developing a proof-of-concept for a patent. You will start with easy to do features at the beginning and gradually be equipped to handle features at scale that are complex.

Initial learning would be in-person, classroom with high focus on one-one mentoring followed by work assignments on a permanent role. We feel that it is a key ingredient for your success. We use audio, visuals just as a supplement. You are required to be in our office during the entire program. We do not offer online program either partial or full.

Industry experts with international and national exposure with rich project experience in the domains would be delivering the program.

Visit the career track page for more details or walk-in to our office.

Yes, there technical skills and few critical success attributes. The skills required are basic maths, computer literacy, knowing programming languages such as R, Python would be a definite plus. The critical success attributes are communication skills, willingness to succeed in assignments, open to learn new technologies, strong willingness to collaborate, thinking on the feet, solution mindset, a can-do and want-to-do attitude. All learning assume that you have zero knowledge on the subject.

We have a well-stocked library (paperback books, digital books, videos). We also subscribe to periodicals, magazines and video webinars that are cutting edge from international thought leaders.

Yes it is a industry recognized certified course

Yes, we conduct exams to assess the learning process

No. There are minimum expectations on skills and education background though.

Due to the intensive nature of the program, we strongly recommend you to stay within 30-45 minutes radius. There are many options available with reasonable rent. The accommodation is not covered in the fees.

B.Tech (CSE/IT/ECE/EEE/Mechatronics), MCA, M Tech, BSc (Maths). Once selected for the course, assured job in the partner IT organization as a full time employee.

Please refer to the career track page.

The fees once paid are not refundable.

No. We don’t support with the bank loan.

The program is designed in such a way that the candidate enrolled for the program is absorbed to the full time employment of Dataextern’s clients.

It is a full-time and permanent role.

Dataextern works with multiple partners. The candidate will be absorbed one of the partner in full-time, permanent employment.

3.8 lakhs per annum, including employment benefits of provident fund and gratuity. The detailed salary structure would be given in your offer letter. Upon admission, you will collect an offer letter where your employment starts after 2 months of joining us.

We have our own servers for any number crunching work (which is typical for data intensive work). Apart from these servers, you are expected to bring your own laptop. We do not provide laptops.

Course Content

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